Be Part of the Truth Festival

Celebrating Truth, Life, And Love

The Truth Festival is a platform for publicly celebrating our life in Christ Jesus while providing credible answers to tough questions. As our nation distances itself away from Christian principles and values, it is ever more important that Christians unite in worship and stand boldly for Truth in the public square. Regardless of faith or creed, everyone has questions that deserve credible answers. Our leadership and staff have partnered with churches, seminaries, and missions organizations from various locations and denominations to provide what is needed to host such an event. We are interested in building up the faith of our fellow Christians, as well as, offering Truth (the Gospel) to those who are searching. This is a free, grassroots event involving music, food, art, speakers, topical tents, activities for children, and free giveaways. Bring your family and friends as we celebrate and provide reasons for the hope that we have! If you would like to have a Truth Festival in your area or would like to support this ministry, please contact us! This is a free event because Christians give to support the work. Join us as we reflect Christ's Light into the drifting American culture!

Next Truth Festival

  • Date: To be determined.

  • Time: To be determined.

  • Location: Greensboro, NC

  • Food: Several vendors will be selling fair-type cuisine.

  • Music: Many different artists from varying genres will be performing.

  • People: Everyone is invited. Bring your families. Bring your questions. Have fun with us.



We give away several items throughout the day at our festivals.  These can range from Truth Festival T-shirts to leather-bound study Bibles to Parchment tablets preloaded with Christian digital works. If you would like an opportunity to win one of our giveaways, make sure you sign up at one of the entry tables.  We announce winners throughout the day so the earlier you register the more chances your name may be called.

Educational & Fun

The festival itinerary is typically filled with guest speakers and live bands and performers, but attendees can also visit our topical tents at any time during the festival to ask questions.

  • Historic Christian Faith

  • Christianity & Culture

  • What is Truth?

If they don't know the answer to your question, they will collect your information so they can deliver it later.  The festival includes several activities for children like face painting, crafts, and inflatable rides.


If you would like to partner with us on the Truth Festival, there are several options. Most importantly, we request and appreciate your prayers.  We desire God's direction in all we do.  Please pray for the Truth Festival team and our ability to follow His mission.  You can also participate by working along side us.  If you feel the Lord is leading you in this direction, please contact us to discuss.  Lastly, you can contribute financially to the Truth Festival.  Thank you for supporting us.