Remembering the first Truth Festival

The inaugural Truth Festival was held in downtown Belmont, NC on Saturday, May 30th. The day began at 11:00 am with a keynote and came to an end with the closing credits of a movie in the park.  We had beautiful weather for a day of music, worship, excellent speakers, answers for questions, prayer, face painting, play activities for kids, and many free giveaways for all.


We are so thankful for our partners and their willingness to participate.  We had local speakers but also from abroad. Their qualifications ranged from presidents, directors, authors, missionaries, students, and more.

Pastor Vihad shared how God saved him and what He is doing in Iran.

Ten years ago I was thinking Islam is the last religion and the perfect one that I’m with in Islam. But what I have found that in the Christ I found God, not religion. And Jesus saved me ten years ago when I was hopeless and when I was in darkness.
— Pastor Vihad from Iran

Muhammad is a pastor from Lebanon whose mission is to reach Muslims.

What is the best way to reach Muslims? Love them suckers. That’s the best way. Love them. They need to be loved. Because they don’t have love.
— Pastor Muhammad

Simon Brace is the Director of Evangelism at Southern Evangelical Seminary. Simon speaks about sharing truth through love.

And we need to be equipped, to be able to give a reason for [various issues], to give a sober response to people but also in a winsome persuasive manner such that we might open the door for them to see Jesus Christ.
— Simon Brace from Southern Evangelical Seminary

Nel Brace from T.E.A.M. at Southern Evangelical Seminary speaks about women for apologetics.

[Muslim women] are not encouraged to speak, traditionally, to men who they do not know so it’s really up to [Christian women] to reach women in the fastest growing religious group in the world. Who will reach these women if not Christian women?
— Nel Brace from T.E.A.M.

Michael Willenborg is a graduate of Southern Evangelical Seminary and international missionary.

When we are told to love God with all of our heart, and with all our soul, and with all our strength, we are also told to love Him with all our minds. And what that means is to use our minds as a means by which we can increase the union with God.
— SES graduate and missionary Michael Willenborg

We had several other speakers at the inaugural Truth Festival and thank them for their contribution.



We were fortunate to have artists and bands from so many different genres, yet all of them used their music to lead attendees in worship.

  • John Fitzgerald McGill: Solo artist
  • Tribe 180: Eclectic Christian music
  • Project Salt: Christian rock & roll
  • Hoot 'N Holler: Old time southern bluegrass
  • This Unversed Love: Husband & wife duet

2015 poster.


We gave away several items throughout the day.  These can range from Truth Festival T-shirts to leather-bound study Bibles to Android tablets pre-loaded with Christian digital works.

Topical Tents

One of the primary purposes of the Truth Festival is providing answers to difficult questions.  In an effort to meet this goal, there were topical tents set up throughout the festival.  Each of the following tents were manned by people educated in the following subject matter. 

  • God and Science
  • The Historic Christian Faith
  • Christianity and Culture
  • Christianity and Other Faiths


The Truth Festival closed with a movie in the park. Families gathered around to watch God's Not Dead on a large inflatable screen.