About the Truth Festival

The Truth Festival is a free grassroots movement open to the public!  The festivals are presented by Global Cross Ministries and its partners. Christians from diverse denominations and backgrounds come together to celebrate Truth, Love, and Life in Christ Jesus! The festival includes children’s activities, clown ministries, blow-up castles, live music, food vendors, free giveaways, guest speakers, topical tents, and much more. The topical tents are for gently and respectfully addressing common questions and objections directed towards the Christian faith.

Guest speakers come from mission’s organizations that are currently serving all over the world. They often talk about how God is actively advancing His Kingdom and some even share about the reality of today’s Christian persecution.

Our Partners & Contributors

The festival would not be possible without the efforts and contributions of our partners.

What We Are Not

We do not use this platform to discuss minor theological differences.  We are not interested in creating division within the body of Christ.  Our aim is to promote unity through truth.